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Kairos Capital is a data-driven hedge fund that uses innovative strategies to make decisions and capitalize on the potential of crypto assets.

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What we do

Founded in 2022, Kairos Capital, is a premier asset management firm, offering unique insights and strategic partnerships to elite global investors

Our focus is on mastering the cryptocurrency market through rigorous analysis and advanced technological tools

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Founded in:


Specializes in quantitative crypto hedge fund strategies



professionals, engineers, and operators



Dubai, New York, and São Paulo



yet in 2023

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Invest in Crypto with Ease and Confidence


Most people are too busy to monitor the crypto market closely. They want to be a part of this exciting sector without being glued to their screens. That's where the Kairos hedge fund comes in to help you.

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Investment Strategies

  • Early-Stage Tokens

    Access emerging, efficient, and scalable blockchain protocols. This is akin to venture capital equity investments but focuses on acquiring tokens (rather than company shares) during their private stage, often at a price lower than their public listing value.

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  • Liquid Tokens

    Gain access to the most significant and most liquid digital assets. Leveraging our extensive market knowledge and technical proficiency, we actively trade tokens and capitalize on market inefficiencies.

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