Inspiring change, leading with integrity, and excelling in innovation - these are the pillars of Kairos Capital

Founded in:


A pioneering force in diversified crypto investment strategies since its inception

Balanced Investment Approach:

~4 strategies

Expertise in blending systematic discretion with automated algorithms for robust crypto investments.

Leading in Tokenomics and Technology:

7+ years

At the forefront of integrating tokenomics, data analysis, and cutting-edge technology.

Independent thinkers, united in our pursuit of excellence

We emphasize transparency and inclusivity, aiming to unravel complex investment strategies and fuel the growth of emerging talent & technology. 

With Kairos Capital, we're not merely participating in the financial future; we're shaping a better one.

Meet the founders

  • Asher Montague-Warr


  • Benjamin Ortais


  • Zsombor Bakos

    Head of VC

We resonate with industry pioneers like Microstrategy's Michael Saylor, who underscores Bitcoin's role as the future cornerstone of the financial sector. His vision of a Bitcoin-centric financial sector resonates with our investment philosophy and propels us to be part of this transformative wave